Planny is a plannig’s toolkit which helps children with autism at primary education to plan their own Design Based Learning (DBL) activity. A DBL activity can be very chaotic and unstructured. In particular, children with autism are not good in handling chaotic and unstructured situations. Planny helps to bring the structure back and supports children in working independently.


Every color on the toolkit represents a step of the process, e.g. doing research, coming up with solutions and creating a solution. For each step two different exercises are given. Together the children can decide which exercise they perform. In this way, they learn to make agreements and to plan an activity. Above all, they can create their own and unique design process.


Feb. 2016 - June 2016 | 1 student

During my FMP in cooperation with Lunet zorg, Lunet zorg competed in the VG hackathon 2018. As an Industrial Design intern who had worked with the research and development team of Lunet zorg, I was asked to become part of their hackathon team.


The result is “activiTIJD”: an innovative platform in the form of an application that improves communication between the “Vrijetijdscentrum” of Lunet zorg, caretakers, volunteers and clients. This lowers the threshold to participate in activities and gives an overview of available activities.


Currently, Lunet zorg is contacting several external parties to develop this platform. Additionally, they want to participate in the “CZ-zorgprijs 2018” to win funding to actually realise the application.


April 2018
Lunet zorg, NL
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