With my designs I would like to help people with disabilities to deal with everyday situations. These designs are covered by ‘assistive technology’. The way how people interact with these designs is a vital factor for the effectiveness of them. That is why it is very important for me to involve the target group in the design process from beginning to the end. This is done initially by researching, observing and interviewing the target group and talking to experts. Later on, this is done by user testing with the target group.


When conducting my user tests, it is very important to communicate a concept properly. I like to do this by making visually strong, functioning proof of concepts. The results of these user tests are then used to iterate and improve my concept and/or prototype.

I have developed this way of working over the years and perfected it within my FMP; I took one semester to build a solid base of insights about the target group and their specific needs. This semester was initiated with research and expert meetings, and was ended with user testing several encounters. In my last semester, these encounters were iterated upon until a thought-through concept was developed with a corresponding visually strong final design.


Please refer to the following reflections on the different Areas of Expertise to get in-depth insights in how these areas are integrated in my way of working.

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